Size: 4oz


  • No Added Sugar
  • No Presevatives
  • No Artifical Color
  • No Artifical Flavor 
  • No Pesticides/Herbicides

Other names: Chinese plum, Japanese medlar

This golden fruit resembles an apricot, but it tastes more similar to a sweet-tart plum or cherry. 

Dried Organic Non GMO Loquat 無基改枇杷乾

  • Its orange, yellow, or white flesh is a good source of beta carotene. A single cup has nearly half of your RDA of vitamin A. It’s also high in:

    • fiber
    • vitamin B-6
    • manganese
    • potassium


    Medical part: leaves and fruits. Chinese name: leaves: Pipaye; fruits: Pipa.


    Pharmacology: Anti-asthma, atitussive, and blood-sugar-lowering.


    Indications & Usage: Leaves: used for cough with lung heat, shortness of breath due to adverse rising of qi, vomiting and hiccups due to gastric heat, feverish dysphoria and hydrodipsia. Fruits: used for lung atrophy, cough, hematemesis, non-traumatic hemorrhage, dryness and thirst, retching and hiccups. Leaves: oral administration: decocting, 9-15g (fresh products 15-30g); or prepared ointment; or made as pills or powders. Not use in cases of cough due to lung cold and vomiting due to stomach cold. Fruits: oral administration: raw eaten, or decocted, 30-60g. Not eat too much.


    Recipe: Leaves: Hoarse voice: fresh loquat leaves 30g, pale bamboo leaves 15g. Decoct in water and swallow. Fruit: Cough with lung heat: fresh loquat pulp 60g, crystal sugar 30g. Decoct in water and swallow.


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