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Healthy Rainbow Salad

  Health day starts with a health salad. We introduce you this "Rainbow Salad"; It contains this gorgeous ingredient - Cactus. Cactus has all kinds amazing benefits; it prevents cancer, lower cholesterol level, good for diabetes, and cactus can also relief menstrual cramps. Now it's time for you to start a colorful yummy day!

  健康的一天就由一客健康的沙拉開始!這彩虹沙拉裏面最神奇的材料 - 仙人掌!仙人掌有許多功效, 比如防癌、降低膽固醇、幫助糖尿病患和減輕經痛。廢話少説,現在就開始吧!

Pumpkin Chicken

  Don't know how to deal with the pumpkin after Halloween? We got just the right recipe for you! You may think isn't pumpkin suppose to be a dessert item? If you thought like this you are wrong! And we will prove to you this special recipe is unique, yummy and delicious! Let's get started!


萬聖節食譜 - 南瓜海鮮酥皮湯
Seafood Pumpkin Hot Spring Party

  Autumn is coming, what is better than hot soup to welcome this awesome fall? If you are big fan of seafood you should never miss this wonderful recipe.

Yummy Alligator with Ginger & Green Onion

  As the weather getting colder, it's time to have some delicious warm dishes. Alligator is one of the very healthy options of meat, and it has very rich natural protein with 0 cholesterol. Also, it's great natural medication for people suffer with Asthma in Chinese Herbal Medication. Now, we are introducing you with a special tasty recipe with gator meat in Chinese style.

  天氣越來越冷了,有什麽比熱騰騰的飯菜更吸引人呢? 很多人不知道鱷魚是非常健康的肉類,鱷魚有非常豐富的蛋白質而且不含膽固醇,不止如此還是治療氣喘的最佳良藥。現在我們就教你如何炮製這美味的中式佳餚吧!

萬聖節食譜 - 南瓜排骨飯
Halloween Special - Pumpkin Brain

  What is the biggest festival of October? Halloween!!! You would never miss pumpkin for Halloween, all kind of pumpkin dessert, pumpkin pie, candy, pumpkin spice coffee... And we are gonna teach you how cook some Chinese dishes for your special Halloween!!

  讓人最興奮的節日 - 萬聖節到了!説到萬聖節怎麽可以錯過南瓜呢?除了西式的南瓜甜點:南瓜派、南瓜糖果、南瓜拿鐵。。。現在,我們就教大家做南瓜排骨飯來應應節吧!