Hong Kong Cafe

Hand-Craft Mixed Dried Fruits Chocolate Truffle(6pc) $12.99

手工乾果巧克力(6pc) $12.99


These are all our hand-craft chocolate creations for you and your loved ones! No gift is more special than hand-craft truffles. More then that, we can customize truffles for people who have special needs, for that just simply send us an email for special quote, and we will make your wish come true!

Hand-Craft White Oreo Chocolate Truffle(6pc) $12.99

手工白巧克力餅巧克力(6pc) $12.99


Hand-Craft Mixed Nuts Nuteela Chocolate Truffle (6pc)$12.99

手工特濃果仁巧克力(6pc) $12.99


Hand-Craft BananGinger Chocolate Truffle(6pc) $12.99

手工香蕉薑糖巧克力(6pc) $12.99